Victory Rose II

from by Fenrir



I am not lost
I hide in plain view
The bright lights highlight my declining sight
So it's here
I dissect myself
The pens draws from the pain, the pad records the way
My wounds, define my ways
My heart, decides the pace
My hands, hurt still from climbing
The ladder to the top to see all I have now is ¬the drop
To fall from grace, she lied through her teeth
Told me hope was waiting baiting me to give up when I know
The rise
Is simply life
Climb and never look back
The path is your own don't you follow me
Just rise

I learnt to hate from bitter ways id seen all around me
And love I learnt from hearts so pure the warmth appeared to drown me
The fear I learnt from hearing screams that cursed my every dream
But passion I learnt singing words that mean the world to me
without doubt we cannot find hope in anything these days
We need the dark in with the light to define these blurring shades
I've found some comfort in my future and some empathy in fate
And though I'm lonely, I'm alive ill find pride in what I've made

It takes the coldest winds to move our roots now
It takes the coldest winds to move our roots now

Just your heart knows
Its where you make a house, a home
And in there you can grow
Your victory rose

I want to see this grow
Reach to the skies more than you know
I planted seeds many years ago, and it grew into a rose
I drew hope from seeing me, in the gaps between the leaves
It holds me up
I hold it close
Plant your victory rose


from The Rise: Part I, released September 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Fenrir Suffolk, UK

5 piece Suffolk UK alternative rock band

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